Release Notes / Changelog

Feature requests under consideration

  • Add security via time-based per-callsign hashing of code space.
  • Add QSO Logging functionality built specifically for SOTA and POTA
  • Release the mobile apps into the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (rather than the current Apple TestFlight Beta store and Google APK beta files)

    Released Changes


    • 2-Way (SMS/eMail/Garmin inReach) Services
      • Added support for POTA Spotting with the new command “PotaPostSpot
      • Added a new option to “maxblocks” called “full” that allows far more verbose responses (in length and detail) when using eMail as the response channel (since eMails are designed to have long responses compared to SMS or Garmin inReach, etc.).
      • Improved the weather command to take advantage of “maxblocks full” verbose mode.
      • Many internal server-side improvements.
      • Bug fixes to how the “login” and “logout” commands work over SMS.


    • Mobile-app:
      • Both iOS and Android apps were updated to version 0.1.0-37. The prior version was 0.1.0-29.
      • New field-notes reference documentation for the new SOTAmāt 2-way services (SMS, eMail, Garmin eMail).
      • Improved handling of Configuration-Blob to ignore characters that are not part of the configuration before and after the blob. Allows for less-precise copy/paste
      • Spelling mistake corrected in mobile-app Setup page, where the configuration-blob goes.
      • Very minor bug fixes.
    • 2-Way (SMS/eMail/Garmin) Services
      • Improved Weather command and syntax greatly. Updated documentation.
      • Fixed issue with DNS.


    • Bug fixes
      • When sending an eMail command, better error messages if the login failed (bad PIN, etc.)
      • Changed how DNS works to (hopefully) increase reliability.
      • Tweaks to the Weather command
      • Documentation fixes for SMS/eMail/Garmin 2-way commands
    • Improvements
      • Added POTA stats to the CALLINFO command (SMS/eMail/Garmin 2-way)
      • Added POTA Park ID support to the WEATHER command (SMS/eMail/Garmin 2-way)
      • Compressed (even more!) the text output from WEATHER to better fit on Satellite devices (Garmin, etc.)
      • Improved WEATHER and how the initial time stride sync’s to midnight over a day boundary. The new way has Weather sync to midnight on a day change. Change the valid values for HourStepSize to be anything evenly divisible into 24 hours (1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24). These comments likely don’t make sense to you. Don’t worry: Weather is just smarter than it was before!
    • New Features
      • Added support for PARKINFO (similar to SUMMITINFO) to return stats on a POTA park (SMS/eMail/Garmin 2-way)


    • Automated 2-way commands (using SMS +1-601-SOTA-MAT, or eMail)
      • Added support for Garmin InReach where the InReach user sends an eMail message to the SOTAmāt automated system, and the reply is returned directly via an undocumented Garmin API. This avoids using SMS since Garmin randomly blocks SMS to non-physical phones (such as automated systems using virtual phone numbers like SOTAmāt and the SOTA SMS Gateway). The undocumented Garmin API is used for the reply message back to the InReach device since Garmin doesn’t support eMail to InReach (as that would allow spam messages to create huge satellite charges!).
      • Added support for inbound and outbound eMail.
      • Added (experimental) mountain weather forecasts
      • Added “callinfo” command to get info on a callsign
      • Added “summitinfo” command to get info on a Summit ID
      • Added Login / Logout / MaxBlocks
      • Added ability to Post a SOTA Spot
      • Added ability to Post a SOTA Alert
      • Added intelligent parsing to reduce typing for many commands
      • Added intelligent remembering of login state, last summit referenced, etc. to reduce typing
      • Added new fields to the Web Site’s “user profile” page to allow users to add a secret PIN and a cell-phone-number for automatic login.
      • Added a bunch of NEW DOCUMENTATION for the SMS/InReach features


    • SMS Inbound (+1-601-SOTA-MAT)
      • Added support for SOTA Alerts
      • Added support for POTA Spots
      • Updated behavior of SOTA/POTA spots: if the same callsign has several spots only the most recent one will be shown. Other (older) spots for that callsign are not returned, which allows more useful information to be shown. For example, if you specify a “count” of 5, and if callsign AB6D has changed frequencies 6 times recently, in the old scheme you might not see other callsigns reported. Now you will!
      • Updated behavior: there are now defaults for all the parameters and command shorthand synonyms. For example:
        • “SotaSpots” = “spots” = “Sspots” = “ss” (case insensitive, case shown for clarity only)
        • “SotaAlert” = “alerts” = “Salerts” = “sa”
        • “PotaSpots” = “Pspots” = “ps”
        • “commands”


    • Web Site
      • Added error checking to the Configuration page to make sure the user has fewer than 1 million suffix combinations. If they are over the limit, the page gives the user a warning message and will note provide a configuration-blob (and thus can’t load a bad configuration into the mobile app).
      • The page so now displays additional information about reception reports for your own callsign (the table at the top of the page). The table at the bottom of the page is unchanged (which has reception information for all callsigns). Added fields:Duplicate reception reports in addition to the first-reporting-station
        1. Receiving station callsign
        2. Receiving station gridsquare
        3. Receiving station signal to Noise ratio


    • Released iOS V0.1.0-29
    • Released Android V0.1.0-29
    • Headline features:
      • POTA Spotting,
      • SOTA Alerting,
      • Mobile app Reference Pages,
      • Backend Timestamps to keep server and mobile app in sync if the SOTA management team adds new peaks.
      • iOS app moved to Open Beta in Testflight
      • Bug fixes
    • Web-site
      • New page to select pre-defined POTA Locations (similar to SOTA Regions)
      • Updated “Preparation” page to include computing total combinations with POTA parks
      • Updated Configuration Blobs
        • Display configuration blob “pull-time”
        • Store per-user pull-time
      • Added a new “Mode” type in the Frequency/Modes page table allowing for “Alerts-CW”
      • Added a new “Mode” type in the Frequency/Modes page table allowing for “Testing”
      • Bug fix: handling of case where there is a 0 Hz step size. [For single step entries]
      • Bug fixes
      • Prevent duplicate Regions / Locations / FreqModes in Blob page
    • Server-processing
      • Database changes for POTA
        • POTA Program database added
        • POTA Locations database added
        • POTA Parks database added
        • POTA-synchronizer service pulls Program/Locations/Parks database changes from the POTA API server on regular intervals
      • Updated Configuration Blob Json to include:
        • POTA Location selections,
        • Database pull time (timestamp)
        • POTA Park ID deltas per POTA Location. This is different from how SOTA Summits work since POTA parks are not sequential within a Locaiton the way SOTA Summits are sequential within a Region. Delta’s allow the client to compute which park ID’s are valid, but still compress well in the Blob.
      • Support for handling a new “Mode” type of “Alert-CW” where it will post an Alert and use the “My Comments” field in the SOTA Alert comments (which can be picked up by RBNhole to adjust Alert time window. For example “S+12”).
      • Support for handling a new “Mode” type of “Testing” where the server will post to SOTA Watch a mode of “Other” and a comments of “Testing Ignore”.
      • Bug fixes
    • Mobile apps
      • iOS changed from Apple TestFlight “Closed Beta” to “Open Beta”. Link pasted on homepage.
      • Bug fixes, performance improvements, code cleanup.
        • Better handling of 0 Hz step size, single step frequencies
      • New Frequencies reference info page
      • New Services reference info page
      • Support for POTA Spotting (new tab)
      • Configuration blob support for POTA, Timestamps