Site Health

You can check on the health of the various SOTAmat services here. Note that SOTAmat reliability depends not only on SOTAmat’s own services, but other services such as PSKreporter, SOTL.AS, MeteoBlue, QRZ, POTA App, and the SOTA API service. While SOTAmat strives for 99.9% uptime, the overall experience may be lower due to the wide set of service dependencies.

Recent resiliency improvements were made on 3/12/2023 when (yet another) failing piece of equipment was replaced. An improved UPS battery backup system was also installed, and a new automated backup system (with encrypted cloud backups) was also added.

Live Dashboard

This Health Status Dashboard shows the current and prior 90 day history of uptime.

Outage descriptions

3/12/2023~3 minutesDaylight savings time change caused a router to reboot.
3/18/2023 to 3/19/20237 hoursUninterruptible power supply (UPS) system failed: charger displayed “Fault” light, but no reason given. Reset charger and issue resolved. Unknown if this will repeat. Investigating alternative UPS options.

Prior to 3/11/2023

Prior to 3/11/2023 there were many failures and low reliability due to many causes: PSKreporter had a period of instability, there were multiple extended power failures due to weather and insufficient UPS, backups were manual, an SSD started to fail, and a network router became increasingly unstable. Investments were made to improve resiliency: including a much larger UPS system, an automated cut-over system, a new (larger) SSD, encrypted and automated cloud backups, and a new router.