SOTA Regions

In the table below, add the SOTA Regions you expect to activate summits within.  When activating in the field you’ll be able to select a specific summit within one of these regions using the mobile SOTAmat app.


The parameter Posting Call (optional) should normally be left blank. The parameter is for the special case when you need to post your spot using a modified callsign, such as when operating in a foreign country where a locator prefix and/or suffix needs to be added. It is also useful for United Kingdom operators who use different callsigns based on the territory they are operating from, and when the ‘/P‘ portable suffix is required. When this parameter is blank (the default), spots in the region will be posted using your normal callsign (your SOTAmat username). When not blank, activation spots will be posted with the string provided in the “Posting Call (optional)” parameter (for example: ‘VE/KA2VYS/P‘) for that region.  Each region can have a different ‘Posting Call (optional)‘ value.

Note: your total combinations must stay between 1 and 1,000,000. Green is good, red is bad.  If it is too big, remove some SOTA Regions, POTA Locations, or Frequency steps. The formula is:

Combinations = ((TotalSummits + TotalParks) * TotalFrequencySteps) + Commands

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